Making Flags interactive

Little Star found these old birthday string flags on top of the cupboard.

First she gestured she wanted me to get them for her. I prompted for words but I know she can’t say “Flag” yet, so after giving two wrong objects I got the flags for her. Then Little Star dragged it into her SRP Playroom, and pulled my hand to show me where she wanted to hang it. I asked her to nod yes or no, e.g. do you want me to hang it up? Here? Here? but not v successful :p

However, Little Star gave me a lot of good eye contact and non-verbal communication throughout. Then we were admiring the flags from different part of the room. Then she watched as I counted the flags a few times over. And I asked her what flag she wanted to touch? When Little Star did not tell me, but indicated by reaching out her hands, I brought her to touch different coloured flag (except blue, coz I know she wants that :p) Finally she said, “Bu!” so we celebrated and immediately carried her up to the blue flag. Quite long interactive attention span, maybe 15 minutes.

The game ended when she announced, “purple!” There was no purple flags, so I brought out a bag on purple things and we moved to next activity.


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