How Son-rise has helped us

I learnt to believe in myself and my child. To trust her capability to grow and learn, with me as an enthusiastic supporter and playmate, not as a taskmaster or director. Our interactions are joyful and fun. We celebrate every little thing. My attitude has totally changed, and I no longer seek to fix my child, but to love and accept her wholly for who and how she is, autism and all. And yet at the same time full of hope for her development, with practical goalposts on getting there. We want everything and need nothing, as the famous Son-rise saying goes.

Autism is not a disease

Autism is not a disease. You don’t want to fight it. But you can “cure” it with love.

Attitude is everything in loving an autistic child

Everything lately – when I talk to our volunteers, when we discuss challenging behaviours, when we talk about the progress Little Star has made and even the ones she has yet to make, when coming up with games for the playroom, being with her, and managing expectations of autistic kids (less is more, none even better)… Seems to boil down or lead back to attitude.

Loving my child’s isms or stims

I love my child’s isms as for now, they are part of who she is. How different is our play therapy compared to traditional therapies? #sonrise #autism #acceptance

We are at New Frontiers!

I can’t believe we are already on the last day at New Frontiers. Yes, we made it to the autism training in Singapore! All thanks to supportive family and friends, and a massive host of people we don’t know personally but either loved Little Star’s story, OR supported the Perez’s family’s fundraising effort. Ian, Nathan,…