Counting to 21

Little 🌟 plays with the cake toy very differently now compared to before. In the past she would mostly ism and not allow me to touch any part of the toy. Nowadays she loves me to help, handing her little piece to fit into the cake. The cake today was when I started counting the little pieces as she slotted them in. Initially she just listened. Then she started counting with me… Then she started counting on her own wanting me to repeat each number after her! So fun, and Little 🌟 counts up to 21 this way!

Why we love HOME

Home is our refuge, safe space. The important thing how we feel doing activities together, play with each other, and enjoy each other’s company.

When a reading ism isn’t an ism after all

Little Star very seldom wants me to read to her. Most of the time, when it comes to books, she prefers to be exclusive, she prefers to ism. Isms, in the Son-Rise language, are exclusive, repetitive behaviors a child indulges in, to the total exclusion of everyone else. It is like she is having a…

Making Flags interactive

Little Star found these old birthday string flags on top of the cupboard. First she gestured she wanted me to get them for her. I prompted for words but I know she can’t say “Flag” yet, so after giving two wrong objects I got the flags for her. Then Little Star dragged it into her…

A superb day for Pretend Play

Pretend play is one of the challenges for a child with autism. It is not how she played with the dolls that was amazing, it was the fact that she did it so much. I.e. the frequency. She played pretend throughout the day (27/7/2016), interspersed with playing with a lamp (ism), and jumping/swinging around crazy…