Asking by colour (video)

Last year, in one of the Son-rise parent support groups, saw a video of a little girl asking her mum for markers by colour, one by one. It was a beautiful video and I remember feeling happy yet sad because this seemed far for our Star at the time. Despite having some vocabulary, she hardly…

Counting to 21

Little 🌟 plays with the cake toy very differently now compared to before. In the past she would mostly ism and not allow me to touch any part of the toy. Nowadays she loves me to help, handing her little piece to fit into the cake. The cake today was when I started counting the little pieces as she slotted them in. Initially she just listened. Then she started counting with me… Then she started counting on her own wanting me to repeat each number after her! So fun, and Little 🌟 counts up to 21 this way!

How Son-rise has helped us

I learnt to believe in myself and my child. To trust her capability to grow and learn, with me as an enthusiastic supporter and playmate, not as a taskmaster or director. Our interactions are joyful and fun. We celebrate every little thing. My attitude has totally changed, and I no longer seek to fix my child, but to love and accept her wholly for who and how she is, autism and all. And yet at the same time full of hope for her development, with practical goalposts on getting there. We want everything and need nothing, as the famous Son-rise saying goes.

Happy To Be Me

When I was younger, low self esteem issues really clouded the way I saw myself and the world. Seriously, I used to think of myself as quite a boring person, no outstanding passions, and hidden resentments. Hidden because I didn’t really believe they were there, but they were. Happy enough, but then self-doubt would rear…

Why we love HOME

Home is our refuge, safe space. The important thing how we feel doing activities together, play with each other, and enjoy each other’s company.

“Go out eat!”

OMG. I hope I don’t jinx anything by blogging about it. But Little Star’s speech is finally moving along! We have waited so long for this moment. On Monday morning, Little Star woke up earlier than I did (as usual :). She entertained herself for a while… then a thought struck her. In my half…

Diary entry: Moving Mountains

A reminder to myself that even on days where there was alot of exclusivity and isming, there are still alot of opportunities for appreciating red lights, and green light moments. Yesterday she was about 50% on everything I would say. But am learning, learning slowly to appreciate her red lights. When I appreciate her isms…

Autism is not a disease

Autism is not a disease. You don’t want to fight it. But you can “cure” it with love.

Making people less scary

How building stronger relationships with your child can help them interact with others. #autism #relationshipbased #playtherapy