Attitude is everything in loving an autistic child

Everything lately – when I talk to our volunteers, when we discuss challenging behaviours, when we talk about the progress Little Star has made and even the ones she has yet to make, when coming up with games for the playroom, being with her, and managing expectations of autistic kids (less is more, none even better)… Seems to boil down or lead back to attitude.


Recruiting Son-Rise Volunteers

We are recruiting volunteers for Little Star’s Son-rise Program (SRP). I have 3 volunteers at the moment, but people move around alot, some are leaving the country *SOB* so it is good to have more. This is the wonderful thing about SRP that I would never have thought possible — and it certainly is not…

Help your child by letting go of guilt and worry

If there are two emotions that drive many parents of autistic children, it is guilt and worry. Especially in the first months following a diagnosis, these two emotions can be pretty overwhelming. What will happen to my child? What will her future be like? Will he ever be “normal”? Go to school? Have friends? That’s worry. Guilty…

A Child with Special Needs is just that

Special needs kids are wonderful like all other children, they just have a varied learning curve and thus have needs that are a little different than neurotypical kids. For us parents, we just want people to treat our children like regular kids, and accommodate them just like how you would a child and their quirks.