Encouraging language without expectations #autism #play

Wanting Little Star to say a certain word, but not expecting her to say it, has opened up so many ways to encourage language. Cutting out the expectations equals cutting out fear, frustration, disappointment or feelings of failure, which in turn enables me to put so much more in the effort.


Building upon a Train Ism

Today I was eager to try out a train game idea that a few of us brainstormed for Little Star during the New Frontiers training course. The idea was to introduce a train game and have dolls get on and off the train at various stations, and have the dolls model waving Hello and Goodbye….

A superb day for Pretend Play

Pretend play is one of the challenges for a child with autism. It is not how she played with the dolls that was amazing, it was the fact that she did it so much. I.e. the frequency. She played pretend throughout the day (27/7/2016), interspersed with playing with a lamp (ism), and jumping/swinging around crazy…