Game: Hide and Tweeze

Gameifying a typical tweezing activity into a rip roaring find the hidden objects game! Great way to expand interactive attention span


We are at New Frontiers!

I can’t believe we are already on the last day at New Frontiers. Yes, we made it to the autism training in Singapore! All thanks to supportive family and friends, and a massive host of people we don’t know personally but either loved Little Star’s story, OR supported the Perez’s family’s fundraising effort. Ian, Nathan,…

Why we chose the Son-Rise Program

Being weirded out by the experience, I hooked up with some fellow parents from our supportive Son-Rise community for some sanity and advice. They shared their own stories of negative family members, friends and yes, even strangers too!
These truly awesome parents helped me see past the unpleasantness towards the beliefs and viewpoints that would benefit me and my child, Little Star, the most.

Playing with a Son-Rise child: volunteer perspective

Volunteering with Little Star Recently, a dear friend wrote a lovely post about Little Star, her special needs and the fundraising we are doing to get to an autism training course in Singapore. We have been so honored to have him be a part of Little Star’s Son-Rise Program as a play volunteer. Despite his…

Video of Little Star painting

If you ever wondered how Little Star paints, here is a video we made in May 2016. When she is in the right mood, she really gets into it, sometimes standing on her hands or jumping around the room halfway 😀 By the way, we are fundraising for an autism training course by the Autism…

Alphabets: using her motivations

Little Star loves to ism – engage in repetitive behaviours – with plastic alphabets. Here is how we used her motivation to challenge her.

When a reading ism isn’t an ism after all

Little Star very seldom wants me to read to her. Most of the time, when it comes to books, she prefers to be exclusive, she prefers to ism. Isms, in the Son-Rise language, are exclusive, repetitive behaviors a child indulges in, to the total exclusion of everyone else. It is like she is having a…

Making Flags interactive

Little Star found these old birthday string flags on top of the cupboard. First she gestured she wanted me to get them for her. I prompted for words but I know she can’t say “Flag” yet, so after giving two wrong objects I got the flags for her. Then Little Star dragged it into her…

Magnesium Sulfate baths help our kids

If your child is going to spend a long time in the bath playing anyway, why not add some Magnesium Sulfate to the water and enjoy its therapeutic effects later. It is calming and helps the child sleep well. Plus plus plus for a kid on the autism spectrum.

Counting to Cheers

On a poster of numbers tacked to the wall – Little Star began counting 1-10. From experience, interrupting her at every count is counter productive as it interrupts her flow and distracts her from continuing. So I waited till she finished the last number, then did a wild cheer! S was so entertained, she began…