How Son-rise has helped us

I learnt to believe in myself and my child. To trust her capability to grow and learn, with me as an enthusiastic supporter and playmate, not as a taskmaster or director. Our interactions are joyful and fun. We celebrate every little thing. My attitude has totally changed, and I no longer seek to fix my child, but to love and accept her wholly for who and how she is, autism and all. And yet at the same time full of hope for her development, with practical goalposts on getting there. We want everything and need nothing, as the famous Son-rise saying goes.

A Child with Special Needs is just that

Special needs kids are wonderful like all other children, they just have a varied learning curve and thus have needs that are a little different than neurotypical kids. For us parents, we just want people to treat our children like regular kids, and accommodate them just like how you would a child and their quirks.