Having wonderful next moments: a few bad instances do not define your day

A day worth celebrating

Is a day that is not just high.

But one that is peppered with lows.

But it is a day, like every other, where we pick ourselves up after the lows. Look at it and say.

You are just one moment in a day.

You, this one, difficult moment — I will let go.

You do not define what is going to happen in the next.

That next moment could be wonderful, if the shadow of the last did not hang overhead.

And so today. Was just such a day.

A wonderful day.

Although if you asked me this morning, I would have said otherwise. Just goes to show how much we know at any given point in time 🙂

This afternoon, during a cloudy, drowsy day. We had amazing playroom. The morning was marred by some extreme tantrums, to the point that we postponed therapy. Our child has autism, so she was most likely overloaded. With the wonderfulness of Son-rise attitudes, I was able to let go of the difficult morning quite easily. And be open to whatever the afternoon may bring.

The not-so-secret Son-rise attitude is this: Who my child is today, says nothing about who she will be tomorrow. Contextualized to our morning — my child’s tantrum now (earlier), says nothing about how she will be later (now). It’s really liberating. I would recommend everyone get on it 😉 don’t waste time thinking of excuses/reasons why it shouldn’t be. Just really get on board this belief and watch it transform your day.

In playroom today, Little Star and I played a simple but charming drawing game… for 30 minutes! 30 minutes interactive attention span is huge for us! (Note interactive attention span is not the same as attention span.)

To entertain her, I took a white board, markers and a cleaning sponge. She initially began isming with various shapes, drawing triangles and squares. An ism is where a child plays/behaves in a rigid, repetitive and exclusive manner. I joined for a while (joining is where I do the same to show her I care about what she is doing, I am accepting and loving it as she does). Little Star gave signs that she was more open to play. She gave me her marker. I drew a shape. Now she traced the shape, filled it, erased, then gave me the marker again.

We celebrated this back and forth interaction! After drawing a few more shapes, I began to “challenge” her. I drew 2 shapes. Then 4. She was still with me in the game. Woohoo! Usually she would drop out once I started drawing multiples. Then I tried something she had not shown interest in before – drawing the shapes in picture combinations. A house with a triangle and square. A tree with 3 triangles. The sun. The moon. She was still with me, tracing everything I drew! I drew more things that were unconventional to her likes – non-shape objects. Like a rain cloud, a stick man, a stick girl, a t-shirt. She still followed! If I drew something too complicated or didn’t like she just erased the board and handed the marker back to me.

At one point I began labeling the objects, writing their names at the bottom of the pictures. She traced the words. Eventually I stopped, because it seemed as if she was impatient for me to draw. Then she did another remarkable thing that she had not done before.

She picked up the marker and wrote her own label.

Spontaneously. Independently.

I love that although she did not know how to write the word, she did her own spin on the label and wrote what she knew: ABCDE! It really was the first time she wrote a set of letters meaningfully, that was not copying. Big time celebrations here!

And then we went for our postponed therapy at 4pm. This time without a hitch.

PS: We also wanted to celebrate our volunteer Azfar, who despite fasting and having a work shift at 11am. Made it to our house for an early morning playroom at 8:30am 💚 A happy Ramadhan to all 💚


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