“Go out eat!”

OMG. I hope I don’t jinx anything by blogging about it.
But Little Star’s speech is finally moving along!
We have waited so long for this moment.

On Monday morning, Little Star woke up earlier than I did (as usual :). She entertained herself for a while… then a thought struck her.

In my half asleep haze, I heard her say, almost to herself, “Hi… Dorothy.” Then she tries to pull me out of bed, to the door, while saying, “go out eat!” Wow.

Little Star always had and still has, a lot of verbal, seemingly unintelligible isms. Bird language, my husband likes to say. I always half suspected she was saying stuff, just that we could not interpret it yet. As her verbalisms were mostly isms, echolaic and out of context, we did not know what she meant.

But now she said “go out eat (add some sounds at the end)” while pulling me to the door! Totally in context, so it is like a whole door of understanding opened up. Isn’t that amazing? That feeling when you go, ah… so this is what she means. Little Star used to verbally ism with this phrase, but dropped all her T’s and added a string of sounds at the end, so it was quite hard to understand out of context.

Another cool thing was the “Hi Dorothy” that she said to herself, moments before pulling me to the door. In a cartoon, Elmo says “Hi Dorothy” to his pet fish. So her thought process seemed to be like this:

  • “Hi Dorothy!” – Suddenly, I want to watch Elmo on the ipad/phone. But they are all out side in the living room.
  • “Go out eat!” – I want to watch cartoons, but I know mommy would not let me. But if I say I am hungry, she will definitely wake up and open the door. Then I can go get the cartoons myself.

Huh. Quite smart.

Her verbal imitation has also increased, especially if it is something she wants. Tuesday morning, when I asked her if she wanted a toy from the shelf, Little Star repeated, “Want toy.” When I asked if she wanted to eat scrambled eggs, she said “egg”. When we were eating, she said eat. It has not that she hasn’t said these before (except “want toy”, that is new). It is just that the frequency feels more substantial.

It is also coupled with a profound understanding of what we say, demonstrated by her attentiveness and response to us. Little Star only began really demonstrating her receptive language this past 8 months. And it has grown so much since then. That is why this recent language spurt seems considerable.

We attribute this latest, incredible language spurt to a new therapy we have been doing on and off since November 2017. NEUROFEEDBACK. I will blog more about it in the next post. But it is a non-invasive therapy that addresses dysregulation in the brain. We have been seeing alot changes in Little Star since we started, mostly in sensory processing, her capability to tolerate crowds, flexibility (I can now take her to run errands, which I could not before), and her ability to self-calm. Her sleep has also improved. It has been why I haven’t updated our blog since October last year, we were so busy getting treated. However now is the first time we are seeing real, concrete improvements to speech. All those sessions of speech activation finally paid off!

Thank you Angela Wee, fellow Sonrise mom who recommended Neurofeedback and connected us to the therapist. And thank you Wilson Tok of http://www.neurofeedback-asia.com for running neurofeedback therapy for our girl.

#Sonrise play therapy
#Neurofeedback 30 sessions and counting


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