Journal: cutting food (and saying cut!) 

This morning Little Star was having a breakfast omelette. She wanted to cut the food herself, as she kept grabbing the knife. I cheered her and we had some fun, cutting up her omelette with assistance. She allowed me to hold her hand with the knife and cut in a sawing motion. 

We went for a talk at her EIP school on the weekend, and one of my takeaways is practice skills, as much as possible on everyday things. So for example, less on cutting playdough (although its still useful), but more on cutting food. 

Anyway, all the while I modelled the word CUT the Son-rise way, varying tone and expression, with long pauses in between… And mostly with the attitude of am having fun saying the word, and am not expecting her to say it back to me… Just giving her verbal space to say it if she wants. I find with Little Star this works the best. And unexpectedly she does! CUT-TT she said, even pronouncing the end T sound so clearly! Usually she likes to drop either the end or beginning syllable. In addition she also said EAT EAT EAT in a sing-song way. Sonrise teaches us to listen and celebrate everything she says, and it really works with Little Star as so much of what she says can be misinterpreted as babble or nonsensical singing. In fact at one point it sounded almost like she sang “sit on the chair”  in a very jumbly way. 

A great breakfast! 


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