Thanks to you we fundraised more than SGD3,000!

Or specifically SGD3,395 😀 I realized we have been updating our Facebook page to the neglect of our blog. We did our shout outs, thanks and updates at Little Star’s Facebook Page.

It’s still so hard to believe, but so true that we made it,  thanks to all of you who supported our very unofficial fundraising campaign to get to the Son-rise Program New Frontiers advanced course. We did not use a crowdfunding platform, as living in a developing country, there are some restrictions on many platforms and it was too much to figure out. We just kind of did everything by Facebook and this Blog. No mean feat, considering our Facebook page only has 48 likes to date 😂.

What was incredible, was the people who came forward and contributed to the campaign. It wasn’t just close friends and family,  which were many (THANK YOU). Some contributors were friends that I haven’t seen in years. Some friends of friends and family that I did not know or just met briefly once or twice. Many,  many fellow Son-rise parents,  who have given generously despite having special needs kids of their own to support. Many strangers,  thanks to efforts of another Son-rise family who raised funds on our behalf,  and got their networks involved. You can read about Nathan & Amor’s Son-rise journey here.  Truly amazing.

Sorry if I am full of superlatives,  it’s how we feel about the whole thing! Even though it’s February already,  we are still reaping the lessons and joyous attitude gained at the advanced course.

In January 2017, we returned to our home on the beautiful island, Pulau Weh, Aceh, Indonesia, and ran Little Star’s Son-Rise Program there.

We had many firsts and improvements with our enhanced home program. Some of them on goals we have been “stuck” at for a long time. Note these developments are common for neurotypical children, but can be challenging for children with moderate autism like Little Star.

  • Little Star often points to things that interest her, or as a response to certain questions.
  • She asks us to draw pictures for her in a notebook. No interest on stuff we draw in the past.
  • More words! An area of particular challenge for her due to (I believe) auditory processing difficulties.
  • Interest in reciprocal games – even initiates them!
  • Enjoys playing with flashcards
  • Rhythmically tapping to music
  • Lots more interaction with us and eye contact
  • Loves to give us lots more hugs, cuddles and affection
  • Plays funny face games

Please continue to follow Little Star and her story at

As well as our Facebook page, where we write about the daily adventures of Little Star and her autism story.

Cheers and warmest wishes,

Little Star’s Mommy, Shao


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