Game: Hide and Tweeze

So we are playing this “game” that Little Star really likes. We picked it up at special school. For the school, of course, it’s carried out as a fine motor activity. Everyone knows this — it’s Tweezing Small Objects.

The set up is like this:


Pretty typical, huh? The objective is for the child to tweeze the objects and drop them in a container.

But being a Son-Rise family, we always look for ways to GAMEIFY this. Yes, this is a term I learnt at the New Frontiers course. It’s a wonderful term. It means taking anything a child likes to do, and turn it into a game. Instant social interaction, baby!

So Little Star is tweezing away, and looks at me. Thanks to Son-Rise, my girl loves looking at us, even when she isms. You can ask any of our volunteers.

Anyway she looks and I go, perfect opportunity! I celebrate her looking, and look for ways to build this quite repetitive activity. First I move the little objects around the table. There are some colorful Ikea cups nearby, so I drop some of the objects in cup. Little Star dumps them out and continues tweezing.

At the next look and smile, I celebrate again and try hiding some objects under a cup. Ooh she likes this. Little Star giggles and uncovers the objects. Awesome! An idea hits. I take away all but a few objects, and hide one of the under a set of 2 cups. Initially Little Star can’t figure out where the missing piece went, so I lift a cup and show her. She laughs and tweezers it into the container.

Little Star catches on really quick. In just 2 turns she can already tell which cup the object is under. I shuffle the cups around, and bingo she finds it each time and gleefully tweezes the hidden object. We move up to 3 cups, and it turns into a rip roaring game of find the hidden object.

We get to work on the instruction, “wait” (coz she has to wait for me to shuffle the cups first), and she gets to practice her fine motor and expand her interactive attention span. All in a super fun context, because she laughs so har as I shuffle the cups in a silly way and every time she finds the object to tweeze. She even laughs when stuff falls to the floor because am shuffling too crazily. Did I mention that this is also a tabletop activity? See, these can be fun too.

Surprisingly she almost always finds the objects on the first try. Hmmm guess those observation skills from picking out hidden vegetables pay off here hahaha!


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