Playing with a Son-Rise child: volunteer perspective

Volunteering with Little Star

Recently, a dear friend wrote a lovely post about Little Star, her special needs and the fundraising we are doing to get to an autism training course in Singapore. We have been so honored to have him be a part of Little Star’s Son-Rise Program as a play volunteer. Despite his busy schedule, Sudheesh would always do his best to play with Little Star once a week and has a remarkable connection with her. We have been friends for many many years, and I always knew he had an incredibly caring and playful soul. True enough he was able to join Little Star at a childlike level from the get go. He also had an intuitive understanding of the Son-Rise Program, and could see sense in their principles and techniques from the start.

Here is what Little Star’s volunteer wrote:


“To my lovely friends: This page ‘Little Star’ is about the 4 year old daughter of a really dear friend in Malaysia. I have known my friend Shao for the last 16 years. She is the loveliest, kindest person you will ever meet. And I say this with not the slightest bit of exaggeration. Shao’s daughter is on the autism spectrum.

Whilst I was in Malaysia for the past year doing some fieldwork, I had the good fortune to volunteer with her daughter as part of her play therapy that she had embarked upon. The main principle of the the Son-Rise therapy is to bond with the child on the spectrum so that the child (slowly) let’s you into her special world, so that you can see the world through her eyes. Once that bond is strong enough, the child trusts you enough to allow you to lead her into your world. Over several sessions with Little Star, I found myself often transported into a child-like state, hopping around the room, and doing utterly ridiculous things. And when she looked up and smiled at me – sporadically initially and then more and more often – I felt like the world was just right, in those moments.

Sudheesh playing with Little Star

Little Star and her mom are now fundraising to get to Singapore for a Son-Rise Autism training event organized in southeast Asia by the Autism Treatment Centre of America. Scheduled for December 2016, the workshop is not cheap and costs around US$2,200. This is a fair bit in Malaysian Ringgit. As always, Shao has thrown herself into this task of fundraising with her ever-positive spirit and good humor and I really want to see her reach the required amount by December.

I am sharing this post because I know there might be several people out there, who would love to contribute to a cause like this, which would make so much difference in their lives as a family. The blog post below has details of how you can contribute (bank transfer if in Malaysia or paypal if you are overseas). You can also bid on some of the lovely hand print artworks done by Little Star in recent months, if you would like a souvenir. My gratitude for reading this long post and the blog post below. Go on, you know you want to contribute. You won’t miss that coffee or dinner when you know how much of a difference it will make in a little girl’s life..”

Thank you so much Sudheesh. We all miss having you as Little Star’s play volunteer!

Please click here to read more about the Little Star Fundraising Campaign.

Or here to go the Little Star Art Shop on Facebook and get some postcards and posters today!


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