Counting to Cheers

On a poster of numbers tacked to the wall – Little Star began counting 1-10. From experience, interrupting her at every count is counter productive as it interrupts her flow and distracts her from continuing.
So I waited till she finished the last number, then did a wild cheer! S was so entertained, she began counting again. Then, at the end of “10”, she turned back to look at me πŸ˜ƒΒ  and I cheered wildly again, this time throwing balls into the air!
She giggled and turned around to count again. This turned into a super game, where she would count from 1-10, and at the end of it I WOULD WAIT FOR HER TO TURN AND LOOK AT ME, then do a variety of silly wild cheers. Which she loved and found so funny. Throwing balls, dolls pillows in the air or against the ceiling/wall, grabbing pom poms, silly dances with unbrellas, hats or bunny ears… trying to do a different thing each time. Getting lots of laugh and giggles from Little Star.
And she would spontaneously go back after each time to practice her counting, awesome huh? As usually she stops after 2-3 tries. I think we did this for like a good 15 minutes! Mommy was totally exhausted πŸ™‚ Fantastic interactive attention span, and S practiced her speech re:counting, and lots of awesome eye contact and joint attention. At one point, self-correcting the wrongly pronounced number “9”. Cute!

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