Words for Chocolate and I Want

There are some words that Little Star says often that I take for granted. “Ball” is one of them. She says it when she is playing with a ball, especially while admiring the ball in the mirror ⚽⚽

But today there were a few occasions when she said uncommon words.

At the cafe, we were sharing a chocolate cake. And Little Star wants the part that also has a layer of chocolate. She is such a chocolate hound! So she poked the chocolate layer and said “Chocho!” 🙌🙌

Then later at home, i brought in her plate of GF pasta. She was occupied on the bed, playing. So i showed her the pasta while asking, “you want?”. She sits up and says clearly, “I want!”. Then gets up and went to the table in the playroom and said “I want” again!! 💃💃💃

So not only did she say words, but she made a specific demand, and answered a question.

All celebrated like crazy, of course 🙌



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