A superb day for Pretend Play

Pretend play is one of the challenges for a child with autism.

It is not how she played with the dolls that was amazing, it was the fact that she did it so much. I.e. the frequency.

She played pretend throughout the day (27/7/2016), interspersed with playing with a lamp (ism), and jumping/swinging around crazy in the SR Playroom.

First, when we went to the car to go out in the morning, she insisted on bringing her Barney doll and a teddy bear. She frequently likes to take small dolls and make Barney hug them, kind of like Barney is holding a baby or a little child.

Then, she also played with two Barbie dolls — something she only started doing 2-3 days ago. She was never interested in them before! She would make them hold hands, dance and wave hello or goodbye.


She would also kiss the dolls every so often.

Another pretend play we had fun with, on her own initiation (hey, does that mean she initiated a new action in an activity?? Wow development goal here!), pretend eating. I was attempting to interest her in a Dr. playset as she hates going to the doctor. Instead she put the stethescope on her face like a mask (haha). Then she took up one of the implements and put it to her mouth. Following her lead, I quickly pulled out the cooking stuff. We had fun eating out of various spoons, at one point she roamed the house looking for something until she found an empty bowl in the living room. Little Star pretended to eat out of it! I grabbed a clean bowl to the play room and we played at eating again and again. She wasn’t so interested in feeding dolls, but pretend eating is so great in itself already!


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