Asking for The Daddy Book

Sometimes a day starts out “badly” but, it turns out all those “bad” beginnings are part of a process towards a great outcome. In this case, the outcome is a verbal request for a very specific book, which is super!
It all started bright and early, when Little Star woke up in an extremely grumpy mood. Yes, our kids are not always bright and cheery ๐Ÿ™‚ Maybe she was still feeling fatigued from travel among other things. Anyway, we started off our morning with a massive tantrum.
*Cry… cry… cry*
Mommy: “I’m sorry S, I don’t understand your crying…”
*Cry… cry…. wail*
Mommy: “I really want to help you baby, but I don’t know what you want when you cry”
*Cry… whine*
Mommy: “If you show me or tell me with words, then I can help you.”
Mommy: “It’s ok to cry. I will just wait here until you are ready to tell me what you want.”
*Mommy waits patiently. S continues crying*
So this goes on for a while. I already know she had her milk and morning toilet, so I just stay coolย in the eye of the storm. Eventually, she calms down herself. We have done this quite a few times already, so her tantrums nowadays are not very long. I thank her for calming down, and praise her for doing it on her own. And then she says, “Daddy-da!”
AH finally I know what she wants. Yesterday, she spent a great deal of time going through a book called: The Daddy Book. She probably misses her Ayah, poor thing. And she enjoys looking at all the activities the children in the book do with their daddies. So I knew when she said “Daddy” she means this book (since she calls her own daddy by a different name).
Immediately, as soon as she says it, I exclaim, “Oh you want the Daddy Book!!” And I run to the shelf and get it for her. And celebrate that amazing verbal request! She doesn’t request for toys verbally very often, normally she pulls me or her volunteers to the shelf and we sift through her toys one by one together ๐Ÿ™‚
Fast forward to later that night. She has been busy the whole day with school and Occupational Therapy in the afternoon. After dinner and a bout of playing, Little Star goes to the toy shelf, looks at me, and exclaims loudly and clearly, “DADDY-DA!!!”
WOW, without all the crying and fussing this time! I immediately retrieve the book for her, all the while celebrating and being very excited. This is great! I hope this is part of the process where she learns verbal requests are by far, much more effective than crying or whining.
Little S is so tickled by now though, that even as she is flipping through her book, she looks at me and giggles. Is this a sign for Mommy to participate? So I read a few pages to her (when she allows it), and we play some back and forth giggle and tickle games… And the day ends on a lovely high note.
It just goes to show, sometimes you really must work through the hard stuff to get to the good ๐Ÿ™‚

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