1. Star Born: the birth of a story

About 4.5 years ago, a Star was born. She was not regular space dust like you or me, but she was a unique kind of star. One whom we would not know how special until more than 2 years later.

Like all children, baby Star was welcomed and adored. Her birth was a little traumatic — she was late and her heart beat had slowed, so the doctor got baby Star out of Mommy’s tummy right away.

After that, life was good. Baby Star moved from the city back to the Island of Weh with Mommy and Daddy.

Weh Island is a beautiful relaxing place surrounded by the deepest bluest sea. Baby Star thrived on all the sand, beaches, bathing and our little plot of land overlooking the ocean. I had a previous blog about some of our life there. Mommy and Daddy started a small diving and snorkeling business (www.dive-weh.com) and for a while, all was idyllic as it could be.


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