11/5/2016. An exciting day in the SRP

Today (or yesterday, actually) was a truly exciting day. And we did not venture a foot out of the house!

In the SR (Son-Rise) playroom today, there were 3 super highlights.

1. While Star was on the swing in the afternoon, there was one point where I blocked her from swinging. Unintentionally. She pushed me and said, “Mama, no (n-i-o :)!”. That was fantastic coz she has not started saying two word sentences YET. She has yet to say single words consistently, much less two-word combos. I celebrated like crazy (of course, am a SR mommy) and thanked her profusely for telling me no ๐Ÿ™‚

2. Later at night. She was on the swing again (Star loves that swing/hammock Ayah hung for her). Again I blocked her (this time on purpose, I believe). She got down, took my hand and pulled me. I moved like two inches ;-p She took my hand and pulled me again. I moved to floor by the bed, still blocking her. I was enjoying that little exchange of being moved around heheh, “prolonging the interaction” so to speak :p she did this a few times. Then I put my hands up in the air all confused, and asked her: “Where do you want me to go?” And Little Star pulled me off to the side of the bed, out of the way, and said clearly, “GO HERE!” Wow!

3. So kiddo was swinging happily, enjoying herself. She was giving me a lot of green lights while doing so i.e. looking at me consistently,ย laughing and smiling. I notice she gives a lot of eye contact and interaction while on that swing ๐Ÿ™‚ So brought a stack of little books to the floor in front of her, and told her very excitedly, that am going to make dominoes with books! Have never done this before. So I line up the books, with gaps in between. Then I said, “S, LOOK, LOOK!” Then when she looked over, I said “one, two, three, PUSH!” and pushed the first book over, creating a chain reaction of falling books.
Then she did something I did not expect. S got down from the swing, came down to the floor, and began doing the EXACT SAME THING. She lined up the books with gaps in between. Then she looked at me and smiled! I took her hand and said, “PUSH!” while pushing the first book over. Wow she was so tickled. Laughed. Then started doing it again. YAY!
This is awesome because S does not really imitate much YET. So the fact that she got down on the floor to do what I did, spontaneously, with a lot of eye contact and laughing, is super ๐Ÿ˜€
In case you are curious, here is the swing that doubles up as a hammock. It gives her lots of great rhythmic movement and vestibular input. And it is loads of fun!!!!

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