A Child with Special Needs is just that

The beauty of having a special needs child.

Special needs kids are wonderful like all other children, they just have a varied learning curve and thus have needs that are a little different than neurotypical kids. For us parents, we just want people to treat our children like regular kids, and accommodate them just like how you would a child and their quirks. No need for platitudes… just be attentive, accept them for who they are and respond when they interact with you. What would you do with a shy child? A brash one? An active one? Similarly, all you need to do is observe an ASD child’s quirks and adapt to it.

Each child is unique. My daughter responds well to one-on-one play. She is friendly once you make the effort to get to know her. She is headstrong and responds well to activities where control is shared. She is full of joy and her happiness often bubbles over. She is pretty flexible. Sometimes it may seem like she doesn’t want to play with you, but really it is not that. She is just too caught up in what she is doing. All you have to do is wait 🙂

She also has a speech delay and other challenges,  but we are working through them one by one, the Son-Rise (SR) way. Which makes the journey special and fun. The secret of the SR way is this. The child shows us the way into their world, then we show them the way out.

It is an extremely simple concept really. We join the child in their world, let them take the lead…  While at the same keep inviting them into our world. Not pushing. Just inviting.  Until one day, the child decides she wants to, all on her own.

We do it over and over in a back and forth exchange,  until hopefully, the child stays more and more in our world, voluntarily. The important thing here is choice. When the child chooses, then it is truly amazing.


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